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Table 3 Frequency distribution of respondents’ reasons who made no informal payments

From: At first glance, informal payments experience on track: why accept or refuse? Patients’ perceive in cardiac surgery department of public hospitals, northeast of Iran 2013

Statement coding Number Percent
There was no request for informal payments. 265 98.14
I could not afford to pay for informal health care payments. 198 73.33
I paid the hospital expenses by taking out a loan. 151 55.91
Personnel getting their salaries in return. 111 41.12
I did not accept to make informal payments due to religious beliefs. 94 34.81
There was no need for extra services. 93 34.44
Informal payments suit rich people in private hospitals. 67 24.81
I was obliged to pay for official patient payments not informal payments. 64 23.70
It is unfair to make informal payments. 57 21.11
I am not willing to pay more money as informal payments. 55 20.37
Informal payments are not common in these hospitals. 53 19.62
Informal cash payments to health care personnel are the same as corruption. 49 18.14
It is not accepted with regard to the physician’s dignity. 28 10.37
I offered in-kind thank you gifts to the physicians and staff but they did not accept them. 25 9.25
I would offer something as gratitude if I could afford it. 20 7.40
I sold my house and other assets to pay the formal costs. 18 6.66
I would pay it if I had been asked for it. 15 5.55
There was no need to pay informal as I had some acquaintance working in that hospital. 12 4.44
The patient died and no more health care services was be needed. 10 3.70
Others 6 2.22