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Table 4 participants’ answer to make informal payment in demand situation

From: At first glance, informal payments experience on track: why accept or refuse? Patients’ perceive in cardiac surgery department of public hospitals, northeast of Iran 2013

If there was a demand to have informal payment N (%) Motivation for paying informally in demand situation N (%)
Refuse 130 (48.15) -------------------------------------- --------
Accept 140 (51.85) Patient’s health priority 140 (100)
   Searching for other alternative solutions 57 (41)
   Gratitude culture 38 (27.33)
   Famous physician, better health care services 35 (25.17)
   Reporting this demand to legal authorities 22 (15.82)
   Physician’s right to ask for more money in treatment process 6 (4.31)
Total 270 (100)