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Table 3 Correlations between GOES and the variables chosen to evaluate convergent and discriminant validity

From: Staff ratings of occupational engagement among people with severe mental illness – psychometric properties of a screening tool in the day center context

  Coefficient P-value
Indicators of convergent validity
 Activity level (based on the SDO) r = 0.23 p = 0.034
 Clear goals (motivation aspect) r = 0.47 p < 0.001
 Prefer work (motivation aspect) r = 0.33 p = 0.003
 Worker role (based on WRS) r = 0.26 p = 0.019
 Hours/ week (spent at the day center) r = 0.27 p = 0.015
Indicators of discriminant validity
 POES-P (attendee perceptions of engagement) r = 0.04 ns.
 Self-rated health (single SF-36 item) r = −0.06 ns.
 GAF (psychosocial functioning) r = −0.04 ns.
 BPRS (psychiatric symptoms) r = −0.16 ns.
  1. GOES General Occupational Engagement in people with Severe mental illness, SDO Satisfaction with Daily Occupations, WRS Worker Role Self-assessment, POES-P Profiles of Occupational Engagement in Severe mental illness – Productive occupations, GAF Global Assessment of Functioning, BPRS Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale