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Table 2 New Pharmacy graduates’ possible reasons for rating their service as poor, September 2014

From: Current status, challenges and the way forward for clinical pharmacy service in Ethiopian public hospitals

Possible reasons N(%)
Lack of support from Hospital management 62(88.57)
Lack of incentives and/or recognition 57(81.43)
Lack of support from other health care professionals 38(54.29)
Lack of support from pharmacy case team 37(52.86)
High work load 32(45.71)
Lack of interest to provide clinical pharmacy services 7(10)
Lack of skills (communication, counseling and technical) 6(8.57)
Lack of knowledge 4(5.71)
Lack of confidence 2(2.86)
Othersa 2(2.86)
  1. n = 70; Respondents gave multiple responses and percentages will not add up to 100%
  2. Othersa: Lack of in service training, poor government commitment