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Table 1 Selection of the study population

From: Determinants of first-time utilization of long-term care services in the Netherlands: an observational record linkage study

Selection made Explanation Number of subjects after selection
1: all citizens registered for at least one year in GP-database between 1-1-2006 and 1–1-2011 all potentially eligible subjects in artificial cohort. 701,790
2: all patients registered for a continuous period of at least three years in GP-database three year continuous registration necessary for establishing disease prevalence. 441,809
3: all patients alive at 1–1-2012 necessary for full follow-up in LTC register for at least one year after last recorded contact date in GP-database 427,115
4: all patients with complete medical records for 2008–2010 restriction of the analysis to GP-data 2008–2010 was necessary because LTC-utilization database was incomplete for 2007 276,721
5: removal of persons with missing age three cases were removed because a subselection on age had to be made 276,718
6: restriction to persons 20+ of age at 1–1-2011 as LTC register covered only adult population, GP-dataset was restricted likewise. 214,821