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Table 2 Types of LTC- services used in the analysis, based on the OECD System of Health Accounts [13]

From: Determinants of first-time utilization of long-term care services in the Netherlands: an observational record linkage study

Type of long-term care service Included in SHA 2011 function Description
LTC residential HC.3.1, HC.3.2 Care provided in a residential long-term care facility requiring medical supervision, mostly with overnight stay (HC.3.1). Day-care (HC.3.2) is also included.
LTC home: nursing HC3.4 Health services provided to persons within their own home. It can involve specialised health care and requires the assistance of medical professionals.
LTC home: personal HC3.4 Services provided in kind and at home to assist with activities of daily living related to personal hygiene like bathing or dressing.
LTC home: domestic HCR.1.1 Social care services provided in kind and at home to assist with instrumental activities of daily living, such as domestic cleaning.
LTC home: any type HC.3.4, HCR.1.1 Home care of any type: nursing, personal or domestic care.
LTC home or residential HC.3.1, HC.3.2, HC.3.4, HCR.1.1 Any of the LTC-types described above.