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Table 3 Variables used in the LTC service-utilization models

From: Determinants of first-time utilization of long-term care services in the Netherlands: an observational record linkage study

Variable Type Description
LTC Outcome
LTC home or residential binomial 1 = Long-term care utilization of any type in 2011, 0 = no utilization of any type
LTC residential binomial idem, for residential care only
LTC home: any type binomial idem, home care of any type
LTC home: domestic binomial idem, home care: house cleaning
LTC home: nursing binomial idem, home care: nursing care
LTC-home: personal binomial idem, home care: personal care
Predisposing determinants
Gender categorical Male = 0 (reference), Female = 1
Centered age numerical Based on Age at December 31st, 2010. Computed as: (Age – average (Age))/10.
Centered age .^2 numerical Computed as square of centered age
Origin categorical Country of origin. If subject or at least one parent is foreign-born, subject is classified using foreign country. Otherwise classified as native Dutch. 0 = native Dutch (reference), 1 = Morocco or Turkey, 2 = Surinam or Dutch Antilles, 3 = other western, 4 = other non-western
Enabling determinants
Gross household income numerical Gross household income in 2010 divided by 10,000 euro
Single person household categorical 1 = living alone December 31st 2010, 0 = otherwise (reference)
Housing situation categorical Housing situation at December 31st 2010: 0 = Homeowner (reference), 1 = Social rent, 2 = Private rent.
Need determinants
Nr. of chronic diseases numerical (integer) Number of prevalent chronic diseases: diseases with at least one GP contact in 2008–2010
ADL classification categorical Classification activities of daily living, as used in Dutch housing survey: 0 = no limitation (reference), 1 = light limitation, 2 = some limitation, 3 = severe limitation