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Table 1 African Health Initiative mentorship and coaching intervention level and setting characteristics

From: Mentorship and coaching to support strengthening healthcare systems: lessons learned across the five Population Health Implementation and Training partnership projects in sub-Saharan Africa

  Ghana Mozambique Rwanda Tanzania Zambia
Intervention Catchment Population size 500,000 1,999,000 480,000 857,000 450,000
Intervention setting Rural Urban/Rural Rural Rural Peri-urban/Rural
National population density (people per sq. km of land area) 118 35 460 59 17
Intervention health worker density at baseline (nurses/1000) 0.62 0.23 0.63 8.49 0.70
Number of intervention health facilities 156 144 24 30 42
% of deliveries with skilled attendant at birth in intervention area at baseline 54.03 65 64.6 67.9 67.9
Health system level of mentorship and coaching intervention Province/District/Community Province/District District/health facility Community District/Health facility