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Table 2 Study selection information sources

From: The primary health care in the emirate of Abu Dhabi: are they aligned with the chronic care model elements?

Information sources Search strategy Studies found
Data bases PubMed and manual search: Google Scholar “United Arab Emirates” AND “Abu Dhabi” AND “Primary Health Care” AND “Chronic Care Model” “A successful chronic care program in Al Ain-United Arab Emirates”
“Effectiveness of chronic care models: opportunities for improving healthcare practice and health outcomes: a systematic review”
“United Arab Emirates” AND “Primary Health Care” AND “Chronic Care Model” “The “Arab World” is Not a Useful Concept When Addressing Challenges to Public Health, Public Health Education, and Research in the Middle East”
“Population structure and the burden of disease in the United Arab Emirates”
“Healthcare Regulation in the United Arab Emirates. The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi”
“United Arab Emirates” AND “Abu Dhabi” AND “Health System” “Health and health system performance in United Arab Emirates”
“Financing health care in the United Arab Emirates.”
“Health systems in United Arab Emirates: progression, challenges and future directions”
“Chronic Care Model” AND “aims” “Improving Chronic Care: The “Guided Care” Model
“Evidence on the chronic care model in the new millenium”
“Does the Collaborative Model Improve Care for Chronic Heart Failure?”
“Improve Chronic Illness Care: Translating Evidence Into Action”
“Interventions to Improve the Management of Diabetes in Primary Care, Outpatient andCommunity Settings: A Systematic Review”
“Rethinking Prevention in Primary Care: Apllying the Chronic Care Model to Address Health Risk Behaviors”
“Patient-Centered Medical Homes” “Evidence Showing Effectiveness of NCQA Recognition: Benefits of the Patient-Centered Medical Home”
“Patient-centered medical home demonstration: a prospective, quasi-experimental, before and after evaluation.”
“Value and the Medical Home: Effects of Transformed Primary Care”
“Is patient-centered care the same as person-focused care?”
Metaresources of infroamtion MOHP   Healthcare facilities
HAAD Revision of Annual Health Reports Health Statistics 2012
Health Statistics 2013
Direct search about relevant topics Book 1: legislation Establishing the Health Sector
Public Health Priorities and Goals
Public Health Programs
SEHA Revision of Annual Health Reports Annual Report 2013
Direct search about relevant topics Wy SEHA exists
Mission, Vision and Values
JCI Acredition
Ambulatory Healthcare Systems
SCAD Revision of Annual Health Reports Statistical yearbook 2015
WHO Revision of Annual Health Reports World Health Statistics - 2013
World Health Statistics - 2015
Direct search about relevant topics United Arab Emirates - country profile
Non-Comunicable Profile - UAE
Country Cooperation Strategy at glance - UAE