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Table 2 Rotated pattern matrix (34 items)

From: Development and validation of a structured observation scale to measure responsiveness of physicians in rural Bangladesh

Variable Friendliness Gaining trust Respecting Informing and guiding Financial sensitivity
Greetings by doctor 0.34   0.49   
Asking patient’s name 0.42     
Engaging in social talks 0.86     
Asking about patient’s family 0.85     
Friendliness 0.88     
Showing respect explicitly    0.69   
Listening to patient’s complaints completely    0.84   
Listening to patient’s complaints attentively    0.77   
Examining the patient with care    0.47   
Suggestions on disease prevention and health promotion in general     0.58  
Giving courage and reassurance 0.54     
Earning trust of patients   0.82    
Service oriented, not businesslike behavior   0.87    
Considering socio-economic status of the patient      0.91
Trying to understand socio-economic status of the patient      0.82
Informing the cost of treatment/financial counseling     0.31 0.71
Providing financial assistance if needed      0.80
Facilitating follow-up     0.35  
Quantity of issues explained and the quality of explanation     0.85  
Quantity of issues explained     0.84  
Asking patient if s/he understood the explanation     0.37  
Explaining the cause of disease to the patient     0.81  
Explaining the diagnosis of disease to the patient     0.73  
Explaining the prognosis of disease to the patient     0.69  
Explaining the treatment to the patient     0.45  
Explaining the preventive aspects to the patient     0.62  
Encouraging patient to ask questions    0.73   
Listening attentively to patient’s questions    0.56   
Not using jargon   0.54    
Closing salutation by doctor 0.33   0.49   
Non-verbal communication by doctor    0.68   
Compassionately touching the patient by doctor   −0.36 0.55   
Not being involved in illegal activities   0.70    
Sense of humor 0.76     
  1. Note: Items that are finally retained in the scale under the factors are shown in bold font