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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of included papers

From: Stakeholders perspectives on the key components of community-based interventions coordinating care in dementia: a qualitative systematic review

Study ID Country Intervention Design Typology Analytic Approach Samples Size Stakeholder Group
Iliffe 2014a [14] (Bamford 2014 [13]; Iliffe 2014b [15]) UK Case management Mixed methods study design Process evaluation Framework analysis 49 Person with dementia (6), carer (10), case manager (9), case manager mentor(4), research team members (2), GPs (6), administrative practice staff (5), community mental health team (2), voluntary sector workers (3), commissioners/ funders (2)
Gladman 2007 [16] UK Dementia support service Qualitative study design Service evaluation Framework analysis NR GPs in the locality (6), old age psychiatrist (1), NHS patient advocates (NR), the team manager (1), representatives of the Carer’s Federation (NR), representative of Alzheimer’s Society (1), carers of service users (15)
Kosteniuk 2014 [17] CANADA Collaborative Care Qualitative study design Exploratory qualitative study Thematic analysis 15 Family physicians (15)
Minkman 2009 [18] NETHERLANDS Case management Qualitative study design Multiple case study Thematic analysis 16 Programme managers (8), case managers (8)
Van Mierlo 2014 [19] NETHERLANDS Case management Multiple case study design Process evaluation Content analysis 22 Case managers (2), project leaders and care coordinators of care organisations (5), GPs (2), health insurance company representatives (2), mental health service representatives (2), programme coordinators of day care service (2), Alzheimer’s Netherlands representatives (3), municipalities stakeholders (3), informal caregiver support organisation representative (1)