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Table 2 Sample of data representing expanding roles of pharmacists

From: Positioning pharmacists’ roles in primary health care: a discourse analysis of the compensation plan in Alberta, Canada

Quote Source (Actor) Source Year
Together with other pharmacy stakeholders and the Alberta government, we will move forward with fully implementing Alberta’s new Pharmacy Services Framework later this year. This will ensure community pharmacists are in the best position to grow in their role as coordinators of drug therapy management that results in better patient health outcomes. Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (Profession) [51] 2012
The Ministry of Health, along with pharmacy representatives and the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association, has developed a Compensation Plan for pharmacy services to compensate Alberta’s pharmacists for offering these pharmacy services to Albertans, and provide them with the opportunity for more involvement in the health outcomes of their clients and patients. Alberta Blue Cross [53] 2012
The role of the pharmacist in Alberta is changing… We are continuing to enhance this framework and are encouraging pharmacists to increase their participation in health care teams like primary care networks or family care clinics. News Media (Government) [52] 2013
The services are meant to complement those offered by doctors, not compete with them. News Media (Profession, Government) [54] 2012
It’s an agreement that recognizes the expanding role of pharmacists and provides compensation to allow pharmacists to provide additional services far and beyond just filling prescriptions. News Media (Government, Minister of Health) [49] 2014
This really changes how pharmacists are practising, shifting from a product-based to a more assessment-based profession. News Media (Profession) [49] 2014