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Table 3 Sample of data representing contributing to primary health care

From: Positioning pharmacists’ roles in primary health care: a discourse analysis of the compensation plan in Alberta, Canada

Quote Source (Actor) Source Year
“This announcement is the future of pharmacy services in Alberta,” Horne said at a news conference at the University of Alberta Hospital. “It’s an important step because it’s focused on making primary health care more convenient and more accessible for Albertans.” News Media (Government, Minister of Health) [56] 2012
The Compensation Plan for Pharmacy Services…aimed to improve patient access to health professionals, increase efficiencies in health care delivery, provide incentives for patient focused pharmacy care in the community, and increase the capacity of the health care system overall by better utilizing our health professionals Alberta Government [21] 2014
By supporting pharmacists to work the full scope it is hoped to free up doctors’ appointment time and shorten wait times for those who need to see a physician. News Media [59] 2012
There are over 4300 pharmacists licensed in Alberta who are readily accessible to help Albertans with their medication needs close to home. Pharmacists have a key role to play in the health of Albertans and offer a broad range of services to ensure the best health outcomes for their patients. The new framework will improve patient health care access and increase efficiencies in health care delivery. Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (Profession) [57] nd
You now have more choices for where you get your health services: you can still use your family physician or you can go to your local pharmacist to have these services performed. Overall this change will mean more convenience for you, more timely access to medications and a more efficient use of a valuable health care resource. Government (Alberta Health) [60] nd
Albertans will soon be able to get their prescriptions renewed at a pharmacy without having to go see a doctor first, the province announced Monday. News Media [56] 2012
The objective is to free up doctors and nurses more as patients may not need to see them for everything. News Media (Pharmacist) [61] 2014