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Table 4 Sample of data representing facilitating collaboration

From: Positioning pharmacists’ roles in primary health care: a discourse analysis of the compensation plan in Alberta, Canada

Quote Source (Actor) Source Year
We want to shift the role of pharmacists from a simple dispenser of drugs to a more-integrated health-care professional. News Media (Government, Minister of Health) [56] 2012
In 2007, the Alberta government amended the Pharmacists Regulation of the Health Professions Act to allow pharmacists to renew, modify and in some cases prescribe medications in accordance with educational requirements and quality standards set by the Alberta College of Pharmacists. Services are provided in consultation with a patient’s physician. Alberta Government [51] 2012
Pharmacists will renew and modify prescriptions in consultation with physicians. News Media [56] 2012
Pharmacists will continue to work closely with patients and their health care teams, including physicians, so that team members are appropriately informed about decisions made by pharmacists. Inversely, it is important that pharmacists are informed by other health team members about decisions that affect the drug therapy patients require. Alberta College of Pharmacists (Profession) [62] 2012
Be team oriented – Intraprofessional collaboration is as important as interprofessional collaboration. Help both your pharmacy team and your colleagues in other health professions know how your practice will be changing, how you want to work together, and how these changes will benefit patients. Alberta College of Pharmacists (Profession) [50] 2012
Over the last few years, pharmacists have taken on a larger and more direct role in our health care system. Today pharmacists are becoming full partners in that system. News Media (Government, Minister of Health) [64] 2014
It sets up pharmacists to use their own discretion and their own professional opinion based on patient need. It’s all about assessing what’s good for the patient and following guidelines. News Media (Pharmacist) [59] 2012