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Table 1 Themes in response to question 1

From: Qualitative evaluation of trauma delays in road traffic injury patients in Maringá, Brazil

Themes Codes Hospital employees SAMU employees Total
Traffic related issues -High traffic volume -Wrong navigation information 1 6 7
Lack of public education -Lack of traffic education -Lack of public education to respond to trauma -Lack of drivers awareness of ambulance right-of-way 2 1 3
Insufficient personnel -Lack of personnel 2 1 3
Poor location -Stations distance from crashes sites -Stations located far from important places of the city 0 3 3
Insufficient ambulances -Lack of equipment in the ambulances -Not enough ambulances 1 1 2
Bureaucracy -Long time to receive notification within the prehospital care system -Difficulty with patient admission 0 2 2