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Table 4 Quotations describing peer influence

From: Beyond quality improvement: exploring why primary care teams engage in a voluntary audit and feedback program

• I think we took the plunge regardless early in the first reiteration of D2D because we just thought it was the right thing to do. We didn’t really know what would come out of it exactly so I don’t know how much influence knowing others were participating, but we thought it was safe enough for us to, as I would say, dip your big toe in, see what came back, and how many teams participated. I believe in early days it wasn’t a lot of teams, but I think other teams were convinced to join after the fact when we were able to share some of our results. So maybe we influenced other teams, but I don’t know if other teams influenced us. (ID = 014)
• M: are they supportive of D2D because they know other FHTs are participating? Does that factor in at all? R: No, I don’t think so. (ID = 016)
• M: At the very beginning, you mentioned that you were aware of other organizations participating in D2D. R: Yeah, other family health teams. M: Did this impact the support for D2D in your setting? R: Yes, it did. (ID = 008)
• Yes, other people participating doesn’t really drive our D2D work. It’s great, the more people share, the better idea we have of the benchmarking in terms of generalizing it. But, in terms of working with other people in the area, other organizations like ours, that really doesn’t matter, I don’t think, too much. (ID = 018)