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Table 6 Availability of implementation leader

From: Beyond quality improvement: exploring why primary care teams engage in a voluntary audit and feedback program

• Really, it started with the leadership from our Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialists in terms of their working relationship with AFHTO. They were really the cheerleaders for D2D and trying to fan that out across the Family Health Teams that they support, promoting the value of using D2D and encouraging people to contribute data. (ID = 018)
• The executive directors of those nine FHTs, we meet once a month, and these are the sort of things we discuss at those meetings. It really was with … Our quality decision support specialist, really kind of pushed it too, and he was there to help us get the information. That made it a bit easier. (ID = 015)
• Well, no, at first I was always curious, but we didn’t have anybody. We had a lot of turnover in our staff, so it would have been me, and that’s really not my role. So, it wasn’t until Name-X came on board, our QIDSS specialist, he’s extremely helpful in guiding us and supporting us in his role. So, that’s when we started to … he’d come up and spend a week with us. So, that’s when we said, okay, if we’re going to take part, we should take part and we have this assistance. He’s kind of guiding us. (ID = 008)