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Table 8 Quotations regarding how the promise of the initiative influenced participation

From: Beyond quality improvement: exploring why primary care teams engage in a voluntary audit and feedback program

• Yes I do, and I think that that need is right now mostly based on a promise. The promise is what is going to happen with future iterations, and that its going to continue to develop until it actually is a robust, useful, accessible, meaningful exercise. I think we’ve taken initial steps towards that, but we need it to continue in that area. (ID = 014).
• And it’s a good thing to be involved because you’re getting data and you can compare it to the other teams in the area, whereas, really there isn’t a system out there that was doing that before D2D. (ID = 006).
• I think some of it was the data that we were getting from the Health Data Branch was so old that we wanted something that was more up to date and D2D was offering the ability to pull the more up to date data. Because Health Data Branch is always a year or two years behind. That really was part of it. (ID = 015).
• So, we don’t have any other quality person. So, I don’t have time to be combing through all these reports. So, D2D is the one-stop shop. (ID = 013).
• That said, though, D2D has that … unlike many other reports that are out there, it is very much about what the members want and what the members see as valuable (ID = 003).