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Table 9 Quotations regarding the way in which the evidence base for A&F influenced participation

From: Beyond quality improvement: exploring why primary care teams engage in a voluntary audit and feedback program

• I don’t know of any evidence that they put forward to except that they did mention Dr. Starfield as a … her research project about how she studies those three principles of cost, quality, and capacity. And so, there was that as a framework that they were using that I thought was brilliant as far as going that route, and using that as the principles of where they wanted to go with measuring for primary care … It helped me sell it within my own self, that we were on the right track. So I’d have to say, I’ve been excited about being involved with it because of those principles. (ID = 002).
• I don’t think I have to go to my IT expert and say, do you think measuring how we’re doing is a good idea? It just kind of is. I don’t know how else to say it. I never presented to the group what was the evidence base behind D2D. To me, it was like, this is good for QI, this is good for accountability. That makes sense to all of us, let’s go for it. (ID = 017).