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Table 3 Stepwise linear regression analysis on the length of stay in AN inpatients (N = 135)

From: Factors influencing the length of hospital stay of patients with anorexia nervosa – results of a prospective multi-center study

Dependent Variable Predictors b 95% CI SE t p F p Adj. R2
Length of Stay Admission BMI −1.66 [−2.15, −1.18] .245 −6.78 <.001 16.39 <.001 .365
Center HH −4.91 [−7.73, −2.09] 1.427 −3.44 .001    
Center P 2.34 [0.70, 3.98] .827 2.83 .005    
Purging subtype 1.91 [0.41, 3.40] .754 2.53 .013    
Asceticism 0.12 [0.01, 0.23] .054 2.19 .030    
  1. CI Confidence interval, SE Standard error, center HH Hamburg Eilbek, center P Prien. The base level of the categorical variable center was: Bad Bramstedt (BB). Length of stay (LOS) is specified in weeks. The included non-influential variables were age, age of onset, living situation, partnership status, education (base level: primary education), previous hospitalization, self-rated depression, anxiety and somatic symptoms (PHQ-9, PHQ-15, GAD-7), self-rated therapy motivation (FEVER) and the EDI-2 subscale scores on drive for thinness, bulimia, body dissatisfaction, ineffectiveness, perfectionism, interpersonal distrust, interoceptive awareness, maturity fears, impulse regulation, and social insecurity