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Table 5 Tasks rated as highly critical that HEWs were not able to perform safely (N = 82)

From: Identifying gaps in the practices of rural health extension workers in Ethiopia: a task analysis study

  Percent of providers who rated the task as:
Priority tasks High criticality % Not able to perform safely %
Provide Integrated Management of Newborn and Child Illness (IMNCI) 90.2 22.0
Provide institutional clean and safe delivery services 90.2 22.0
Manage supplies stocks and maintenance at facility 86.6 13.4
Participate in research activities focusing on data management and reporting 80.4 9.8
Act as clinical preceptor, including facilitation of learning activities 87.8 8.5
Evaluate the effect of health information provided to community 91.5 7.3
Diagnose and treat minor uncomplicated diseases 84.1 6.1
Prevent and control non-communicable diseases 84.1 6.1
Conduct community diagnosis of communicable disease 92.7 4.9
Counsel, test & refer mothers for PMTCT 82.6 4.9
Establish and demonstrate community-appropriate sanitation technologies 89.1 3.7
Provide essential newborn care services 89.0 3.7
Provide Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) 86.5 3.7
Manage cold chain system 84.1 3.7