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Table 5 Overview of the primary facilitators and how they influenced various aspects of healthcare delivery/reception

From: Barriers and facilitators to cultural competence in rehabilitation services: a scoping review

Primary facilitators to culturally competent care Impact on health care service delivery/reception
Cultural awareness amongst practitioners • Helped establish rapport • Helped with provision of appropriate care/therapy • Helped to tailor care/therapy when needed • Helped with understanding patient/caregiver health-related goals
Cultural awareness in services • Improved practitioner-patient/caregiver communication • Helped establish rapport • Increased attendance and compliance • Helped to learn about patients’/caregivers’ values and needs • Helped diminish negative experiences • Created a comfortable atmosphere • Helped support patients/caregivers with long-term treatment management
Explanations of health care systems • Increased patient/caregiver understanding of available services and resources • Increased patient/caregiver understanding of available funding • Increased patient/caregiver understanding of available support networks • Increased patient/caregiver understanding of benefits of treatment and compliance