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Table 1 Average response to acceptability and feasibility items (n = 10)

From: Development and pilot evaluation of a clinic-based mHealth app referral service to support adult cancer survivors increase their participation in physical activity using publicly available mobile apps

  Mean (SD)
Overall, the App Referral Service motivated me to do more physical activity 4.20 (1.03)a
Overall, the service has helped me feel more confident that I can engage in regular physical activity over the next 3 months 3.8 (1.03)
I found the duration of the service (1 week) suitable 3.1 (1.1)
Overall, the App Referral Service met my expectations 3.4 (1.17)
I would recommend the App Referral Service to other cancer survivors 4.1 (0.74)a
I think an App Referral Service will be helpful for cancer survivors upon completion of primary curative treatment to improve their physical activity 4.4 (0.69)a
Face-to-face sessions
 I found the physical activity information provided to me in the face to face sessions useful 3.8 (1.03)
 I found the physical activity information provided to me in the face to face relevant to be personally 3.7 (1.16)
 The questions used to assess my app needs and preferences in the first session were appropriate 4.5 (0.52)a
 The interviews were of an appropriate duration (45 min – 1 h) 4.3 (0.48)a
 The explanation and guidance given for the app was appropriate 4.40 (0.52)a
 The location for the interviews was convenient for me 4.20 (1.03)a
The mid-way phone call/email
 The mid-way phone call/email helped to keep me accountable 2.80 (1.48)
 The mid-way phone call/email helped to keep me motivated 2.80 (1.48)
The app recommended
 The app I was recommended is well suited to me preferences and needs 3.60 (1.08)
 The app I was recommended is helping me to meet my personal physical activity goals 3.70 (0.95)
 I found the app enjoyable to use 3.30 (1.25)
 I plan to continue using the app to improve my physical activity 3.20 (1.62)
 The app I was recommended met my expectations 3.70 (0.95)
 I found the app I was recommended easy to use 4.10 (1.10)a
 I have been actively using the app to try and improve my participation in physical activity 3.70 (1.33)
 The type of exercises (e.g. walking, strength exercises, yoga, running, etc.) recommended to me through the app were well matched to my activity preferences 3.60 (1.08)
 I found it helpful that the app was recommended according to my preferences 4.20 (0.79)a
  1. aScores of 4 or more indicate that on average participants agreed-strongly agreed with this item (possible range is from 1-strongly disagree to 5 – strongly agree)