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Table 2 Overview of study methods

From: Development of a 5As-based technology-assisted weight management intervention for veterans in primary care

Development Phase  • Thematic analysis of formative research data (focus groups with Veterans and key informant interviews with Veterans Affairs hospital staff) to identify intervention components  • Iterative development of online weight management counseling tool    Paper prototypes to outline overall front-end tool design and a layout, described back-end functionality logic, store/track tool content (ex. questions and advice)    Prototypes developed and improved through usability testing (see Testing Phase below)
Testing Phase  • Round 1 sessions: December 2014  • Round 2 sessions: May 2015  • Sessions included:    Usability testing of either Prototype 1 (Round 1) or Prototype 2 (Round 2) of online tool    Pilot Testing of 5As counseling with an expert clinician as health coach (Round 1) or a trained research team member as health coach (Round 2)    Open-ended exit interviews with participants