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Table 1 Interview Guide

From: Anticipating the potential for positive uptake and adaptation in the implementation of a publicly funded online STBBI testing service: a qualitative analysis

Topics Questions
Knowledge of online sexual health services Please tell me what you know about: a) the provision of online health care within and outside of Canada. b) online sexual health services within and outside of the country. c) the BCCDC’s Online Sexual Health Services.
Perceived factors affecting the implementation of GCO How feasible do you think the new GetCheckedOnline service will be with existing health human resource capacity in your health jurisdiction, clinic, or lab?
What client populations do you think will benefit the most from the introduction of GCO? The least? Why?
Would you recommend GCO to people who access your organization’s services? Why/why not?
Tell me about any funding implications you think there might be for the new GetCheckedOnline service.
Perceived complementarity of GCO with current practices at STI/HIV testing clinics or labs How well do you think the new GetCheckedOnline service might fit within your existing roles and responsibilities in the health jurisdiction, clinic, or lab where you work?
How do you think GCO might affect the quality of care clinicians and lab technicians provide to clients seeking STI/HIV testing and treatment?
Perceived fit with extra-mural connections How might GCO dovetail with (or clash with) clinical practice guidelines or accreditation requirements for clinics and labs in your health jurisdiction?
Do you anticipate that GCO may identify a need to adapt or develop additional clinical practice guidelines or institutional regulations for STI/HIV testing services?
New training opportunities and other change management processes What training opportunities do you think are needed in order to implement GCO in your health jurisdiction?
How do you think this change to service provision can best be managed in your jurisdiction for you, your staff/co-workers, and clients?