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Fig. 2

From: Policy implications of regional variations in eye disease detection and treatment on Prince Edward Island: a repeated cross-sectional analysis, 2010–2012

Fig. 2

Numbers of practicing ophthalmologists and optometrists in addition to their practice locations, on Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2014. FSA, forward sortation area; OD, optometrists; Oph, ophthalmologists; pop, 2011 population in the forward sortation area. Regions were defined based on distinctive forward sortation areas, defined as the first three digits of the postal code. Each dot represents a location where an optometrist or ophthalmologist practices with some optometrists or ophthalmologists having multiple clinic locations. Forward Sortation Area boundary data and population counts obtained from Statistics Canada, Forward Sortation Area boundary data, 2011. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product

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