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Table 1 The Six Main Functions of the Summary Care Record

From: The Norwegian National Summary Care Record: a qualitative analysis of doctors’ use of and trust in shared patient information

Summary SCR Provides health personnel with a quick summary of critical information about the patient, such as any medications, diagnosed illnesses and illnesses registered by the patient
About the patient Population register/national GP register Provides personal information, such as the patient’s address, material status, family members and GP
Pharmaceutical summary Prescription provider Provides prescribed pharmaceutical information collected from pharmacies and valid e-prescriptions; includes prescribed consumer goods
Critical information Attending physician Provides information about serious allergies, special disorders and other important information in a structured form
Patient history from the specialist health care Norwegian patient registrar Provides the time and place of hospitalisations and visits to specialists
The patient’s own registration Patient Provides information on relatives and other contacts, special communication needs and diseases