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Table 1 Data extraction results of general features

From: Assessing safety climate in acute hospital settings: a systematic review of the adequacy of the psychometric properties of survey measurement tools

Features Name of instrument
HSOPSC (1) SAQ (2) PSCHO (3) SOS (4) Can-PSC (5)
Authors Sorra & Dyer Sexton Singer et al Vogus & Sutcliffe Ginsburg et al
Publication year 2010 2006 2007 2007 2013
Country USA USA USA USA Canada
Instrument details: • Number of items • Type of Likert scale • Level of analysis • Results Reporting 42 60 (30 core items) 38 9 19
5 point 5 point 5 point 7 point 5 point
Individual, Unit, Hospital Individual, Unit Individual, Unit, Hospital Unit Unit, Hospital
Positive percentage scores Positive percentage scores Percentage problematic scoring Not reported Not reported
Setting & Staff Hospital setting Healthcare Staff Hospital setting Healthcare Staff Hospital setting Healthcare Staff including non clinical staff Hospital setting Nursing units Hospital setting Healthcare Staff
  1. HSOPSC Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture, SAQ Safety Attitudes Questionnaire, PSCHO Patient Safety Climate in Healthcare Organizations, Can-PSC Canadian Patient Safety Climate Scale, SOS Safety Organizing Scale