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Table 4 Quality Appraisal Results

From: Assessing safety climate in acute hospital settings: a systematic review of the adequacy of the psychometric properties of survey measurement tools

Quality Appraisal Criteria HSOPSC Sorra and Dyer (2010) [23] SAQ Sexton et al. (2006) [22] PSCHO Singer et al. (2007) [24] SOS Vogus & Sutcliffe (2007) [25] Can-PSC Ginsburg et al. (2013) [15]
Aim(s) or research question(s) clearly stated?
Study methodology and design evident and appropriate?
Data collection described and appropriate?
Study population described and appropriate?
Data analysis method(s) described and appropriate?
Response Rate acceptable (60% or above)
Results reported in sufficient detail?
Total Score 14/12 14/12 14/10 14/12 14/10
0–5 Poor Quality 6–10 Fair Quality 11–14 Good Quality Yes ✔, No ✖ Good Good Fair Good Fair
  1. HSOPSC Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture, SAQ Safety Attitudes Questionnaire, PSCHO Patient Safety Climate in Healthcare Organizations, Can-PSC Canadian Patient Safety Climate Scale, SOS Safety Organizing Scale