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Table 7 A comparison of the common safety climate dimensions in healthcare that are mentioned in four review papers

From: Assessing safety climate in acute hospital settings: a systematic review of the adequacy of the psychometric properties of survey measurement tools

Safety culture dimensions Safety climate/culture studies
Colla and Bracken et al. [8] 9 Tools Flin and Burns et al. [20] 12 Tools Singla and Kitch et al. [21] 13 Tools Fleming and Wentzell [52] 4 studies Halligan and Zecevic [49] 130 Studies Current systematic review
Top management support
Safety systems   
Feedback & Communication    
Reporting Incidents  
Communication openness   
Organizational learning    
Beliefs about the causes of errors & adverse events      
Work Pressure     
Risk perception     
Beliefs about the importance of safety      
Safety Attitudes of staff