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Table 3 Pharmaceutical Purchasing challenges of Iranian Insurance Companies

From: Qualitative analysis of national documents on health care services and pharmaceuticals` purchasing challenges: evidence from Iran

Themes Sub Themes
Basic Benefit Package Challenges Narrow pharmaceutical packages
Different pharmaceutical packages among various insurers
Reimbursement Challenges Incorrect cycle of funds in pharmaceutical section by theinsurers
Incorrect and long process of pharmaceuticalreimbursement
Difference in payment ceilings for the same pharmaceuticals
Difference in payment levels and payment mechanisms of pharmaceutical by various insurers
Decision making Challenges Existence of adverse selection and moral hazard in pharmaceutical sector
Lack of attention to cost effectiveness implications in pharmaceutical purchasing
Technology Challenges Force on applying new technologies and expensive pharmaceuticals
Devoting great costs to pharmaceutical sector and high technologies
Contract Challenges Lack of existence fair contracts for pharmaceutical purchasing
Lack of purchasing grand use pharmaceuticals through mass purchase
Lack of ranking the pharmaceutical providers by policy makers