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Table 1 Independent variables and their coding

From: Self-reported hypertension in Northern China: a cross-sectional study of a risk prediction model and age trends

Variable Categories
Gender Male =0, Female =1
Poverty Poor [annual per capita income below CNY 2300 (or USD 362.82) or lived in poor households] =1, Not-poor =0
Level of education Low (junior high school and below) =1, Middle (high school and technical school) =2, High (senior for college, college, undergraduate and higher education) =3
Occupation Unemployed =1, Retired =2, Employed =3
Ethnicity Hui =1, Mongolian =2, Other minority (Zhuang, Manchu, Bai, etc.) =3, Han =4
Marital status Single =1, Widowed/Divorced =2, Married =3
Smoking Non-smoker (never having smoked previously) =1, Former smoker (previously smoked but quit) =2, Current smoker (currently consumed cigarettes) =3
Drinking Yes = Drinker (consumed alcohol within the previous 12 months at the time of the interview) =1, No = Non-drinker (no consumed alcohol within this time period) =0
BMI (kg/m2) BMI < 24 = 0, BMI ≥24 = 1
Comorbidity No =0,Yes =1