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Table 1 Definitions and examples of types of integration of care

From: Integration of care for hypertension and diabetes: a scoping review assessing the evidence from systematic reviews and evaluating reporting

Type of Integration Definition Examples
Horizontal [38, 39] Relates to strategies that link similar levels of care Physicians join existing group practices or multiple groups merge
Vertical [38, 39] Relates to strategies that link different levels of care Various health care professionals, such as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, collaborate with hospitals, universities/medical schools, health plans, etc.
Professional integration or integrated health services [38, 40] Refers to the extent to which professionals coordinate services across various disciplines Nurse practitioners work with dieticians to provide care for patients with diabetes
Clinical integration [38] Refers to the extent to which care services are coordinated Maintaining an open communication channel by having dieticians send a consultation report to the family physician after appointment with their patient