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Table 4 Summary of risk of bias for all included reviews using AMSTAR

From: Integration of care for hypertension and diabetes: a scoping review assessing the evidence from systematic reviews and evaluating reporting

AMSTAR item Atlantis 2014 [23] Huang 2013 [24] Joshi 2014 [25] Smith 2016 [26] Watson 2013 [27]
1. ‘A priori’ design No No Yes Yes Yes
2. Duplicate study selection and data extraction Can’t answer Can’t answer No Yes Yes
3. Literature search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4. Status of publication No Can’t answer No Yes Yes
5. List of studies Yes No No Yes Yes
6. Characteristics of included studies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7. Scientific quality Yes Yes No Yes Yes
8. Formulation of conclusion No No No Yes Yes
9. Methods used to combine findings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10. Likelihood of publication bias Yes Yes No Yes No
11. Conflict of interest No Can’t answer No No Yes
Quality score 6 5 4 11 10
Quality rating Medium Medium Medium High High