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Table 1 Patient-related attributes that could influence decision-making about thrombolysis

From: A novel design process for selection of attributes for inclusion in discrete choice experiments: case study exploring variation in clinical decision-making about thrombolysis in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke

1. Systolic blood pressure
2. Diastolic blood pressure
3. Blood glucose level
4. Patient frailty
5. Stroke severity (NIHSS score)
6. History of hypertension
7. History of stroke
8. Anticoagulation status / INR level
9. Aspirin monotherapy
10. A patient’s level of social support
11 Major surgery in past 3 months
12. Presence of diabetes at time of presentation
13. Patient age
14. Patient ethnicity
15. Patient gender
16. Socioeconomic status of patient
17. Stroke onset time to treatment
18. Recent infarction on CT/MRI scan
19. Pre-stroke cognitive functioning / capacity / comprehension of risk information
20. Pre-stroke dependency status
21. Patient/relative values, knowledge and views on thrombolysis
22. Co-morbidities