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Table 2 Overview of interview guide

From: Barriers and facilitators to using a web-based tool for diagnosis and monitoring of patients with depression: a qualitative study among Danish general practitioners

Behavioural factor Theme Sub-theme Example of probing question
Capability Psychological capability Technical skills in relation to the eMDI Did you feel confident in using the electronic form when using it for the first time? Was it difficult? Easy? Do you feel more confident when using it now?
Opportunity Social opportunity Organisational setting Can you describe the process of implementing the eMDI in your practice? How did you get started as a practice?
Physical opportunity Aspects of time and resources in the clinic How would you describe the settings and opportunities for embedding the eMDI here in your practice? Which challenges have you experienced? Which do you still experience?
Motivation Reflective motivation Feelings of autonomy and competence in using the eMDI When you first started using the eMDI, did you feel that it was imposed on you? Or did you start using it out of your own interest? Did you feel confident about using the eMDI?
Values Which pros and cons of the eMDI do you see as compared to the paper-based version? Which considerations do you take into account when choosing between the two? Has the eMDI in any way influenced the relationship with your patient?
Attitude towards telemedicine How do you feel about the increasing use of telemedicine in general practice?
Prioritising tool For whom and when do you typically use the eMDI? And the paper-based MDI?
Automatic motivation Habits and routinisation How often do you use the eMDI instead of the paper-based MDI? What could make you choose the eMDI even more frequently?