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Table 7 Scores and descriptive statistics of the proposed eight contextual factors

From: Palestinian doctors’ views on patient-centered care in hospitals

Contextual barriera N Mean SD
Hospital culture does not support effective medical interview. 367 3.07 1.10
I am overloaded, and I don’t have enough time for a good interview. 368 3.24 1.11
Nurses cooperate positively. 364 2.78 0.99
I feel satisfied with my work in this hospital (N). 362 2.69 0.99
I find my job as interesting (N). 367 2.11 0.93
I prefer to be formal rather than warm and friendly. 369 2.83 1.14
Patients tend to give less information due to social consequences. 366 3.48 0.94
Most patients are not aware of their health status or their disease. 365 3.44 1.07
  1. a(1) = strongly disagree, (5) = strongly agree. N, negatively worded item