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Table 1 Attributes and levels per type of health service

From: The effect of cost-sharing design characteristics on use of health care recommended by the treating physician; a discrete choice experiment

Attributes Types of health service
Medication Diagnostic tests Specialist care
1) Type of payments
Type1 Copayments
Type2 (reference) Coinsurances
2) Rate of payments
Rate1 €2 / 40% €40 / 15% €100 / 5%
Rate2 €4 / 50% €50 / 20% €140 / 7%
Rate3 (reference) €7 / 70% €80 / 30% €200 / 10%
3) Annual caps on cost-sharing
Cap1 Half cap+
Cap2 (reference) Full cap+
4) Moment of payment
Moment1 Afterwards billed by health insurer
Moment2 (reference) Directly at point of care
  1. +The situation with a full remaining annual cap (full cap) reflected a situation with no previously made payments while in the other situation (half cap) payments had been previously made equal to half of the annual cap. The full cap was set equal to the current Dutch deductible (in 2016, €385)