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Table 1 Interview Schedule

From: Staff perspectives of a model of access and triage for reducing waiting time in ambulatory services: a qualitative study

Topic Area Sample questions
Introduction Can you briefly describe the work that you do? Can you describe the changes that were made to your service?
Pre intervention Can you describe if there were things about the service that needed to be improved? What was the “case for change”? Did you perceive waiting times to be a problem in this service?
Implementation period How would you describe your experience during the implementation period? What worked well? What was difficult?
Effect of the model on staff and work practices Now that the new model is in place, how do you find it to work with compared to the traditional model? How does the new model affect workload? What methods do you use to manage your caseload? Have you changed the way that you schedule patients for ongoing treatment? Has the model led you to identify inefficiencies that you didn’t notice before? Are there other processes that have become more efficient?
Effect on patient care What effect, if any, do you feel the model had on patient care? Do you think that there have been benefits to your patients? Do you think that any patients have been disadvantaged in any way?
Overall opinion/ future direction Can you describe any other benefits of the new system? Can you describe any other disadvantages? If you were to be in the position of being a manager overseeing the introduction of this model in the future, is there anything that you would do differently? As a staff member of the service, which model would you prefer to use in your workplace? If you had a family member seeking treatment at this service, which model would you prefer the service to be using? Why?