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Table 3 Base-case results

From: Cost-utility analysis of palonosetron in the antiemetic regimen for cisplatin-containing highly emetogenic chemotherapy in Japan

Strategy Cost JPY (USD) Incrmental Cost JPY (USD) QALY Incremental QALY ICER JPY/QALY (USD/QALY)
PALO regimen 30,348 (270.55) 10,455 (93.21) 0.009598 0.000645208 16,204,591 (144,465)
GRA regimen 19,893 (177.35)   0.008952   
  1. JPY Japanese yen, QALY Quality-adjusted life year, ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio. Exchange rate, 1 USD = 112.17 JPY