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Table 1 PICo question and search terms

From: Healthcare middle managers’ experiences of developing capacity and capability: a systematic review and meta-synthesis

  Participants: Healthcare middle managers Boolean operator: Interest of phenomena: Developing the capacity and capability for leadership Boolean operator: Context:Complexity in public healthcare services
Search terms, step 1 Middle manager OR First-line manager OR Leadership ORLeaders AND Developing OR Learning OR Capacity OR Capability OR AND Healthcare OR Complexity
Final search terms, step 2 Leaders* OR Nurse leaders* OR Nurse administrators OR Nurse manage* OR Hospital administrators OR Health facility administrators OR Middle manage* OR Nursing manage* OR Personnel manage* OR Quality manage* AND Capacity building OR Capabilities OR Competence OR Development AND Health care OR Health care system OR Healthcare system OR Public sector OR Health care sector OR Delivery of Health Care OR Delivery of healthcare OR Healthcare delivery OR Health care delivery OR Complexity
  1. *Indicates truncation; cutting the end of the search term to expand the search