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Table 8 Considered results of the main studya

From: Differences in the quality of oral anticoagulation therapy with vitamin K antagonists in German GP practices – results of the cluster-randomized PICANT trial (Primary Care Management for Optimized Antithrombotic Treatment)

  Intervention (n = 365) Control (n = 371) Total (n = 736)
Occurrence of primary endpoint: patients suffering a thromboembolic or major bleeding event, no. (%)b 40 (11.0) 48 (12.9) 88 (12%)
Hospitalized patients, no. (%) 184 (50.4) 209 (56.5) 393 (53.5%)
Days of hospitalization per patient, mean (SD)c 12.7 (24.9) 14.5 (24.1) 13.6 (24.5)
  1. aThis table shows results of the intention-to-treat analysis of the main study, which can be seen in detail in the corresponding paper [24]. It is shown here, because these results were included in the linear mixed model analysis (see Tables 5 and 7)
  2. bIf more than one event occurred in a patient, the earliest event was counted
  3. cOf those patients ever hospitalized